About Me

On a mission to make myself useful.

I am a product designer and branding consultant. I talk about social technology, product design, digital media, founder culture, and mental fitness.


I am a proud father and a design strategist who wears many hats. With a consultancy background, I have been a User Researcher, a UX UI Designer, a Product Manager, a Digital Product Branding Consultant, and a Usability Tester. Sometimes I investigate human behaviors and complex systems. Sometimes I help shape design and product strategy. Sometimes I design visual brands. Often, I work to build and lead teams.

I've done work for the Stanford-HCI Research, Juniper Networks, Gemalto, Accenture, and among others, focusing on different aspects of design, ranging from user testing to UX writing to experience design to paywall design to marketing automation.

As a designer, I believe that we are solving problems at the systems level today. We’re asking the tough questions about where tech has taken us—and where we’re headed. That’s why I design for people with purpose.

More than anything, I help to tangibly improve how the world treats its people. I believe that good design has the power to change lives, communities, society. That’s why, over the years, I have developed a process that ensures that my work is based on understanding and strategy rather than expression or whim.

My process is grounded in a personal philosophy that keeps me centered when the going gets tough: Spread creative confidence, create shared meaning, build respect and trust, make space for flexibility and, finally, remember to have fun!

These principles help me navigate complexity with patience, humility, and kindness, reminding me that this work is equal parts purposeful and playful.

*My Range of Services:*
  • IA/Wireframing for Websites and Mobile Apps (Android / iPhone / iPad) - Ranging from static wireframes on paper to extremely interactive wireframes in Axure or SketchApp.
  • User Research and Planning
  • UX Documentation and Storyboarding
  • Team and Client Coordination Tasks for UX Design
  • Usability Tests - Remote/Onsite
  • MicroInterations
  • Gamification
  • Interaction Design
  • Identity and Visual Design
  • User Interface (UI) Designing
  • SaaS Product/Service Design
I follow a very simple process to crack all UX problems

STEP 1 - I start product UX journey with User Research and Planning - for that, I do "Ethnography" and on the basis of it, I create User Personas.

After "User Research", I write User Story Board, where I define a complete User flow.

STEP 2 - Once "User Flow" finalised - Now I am ready for Wireframing. I use Axure Tool for High Fidelity Prototyping. I freeze maximum interaction and gesture in wireframing and never forgot to add developer’s notes, which always help them to experience the product prototype.

STEP 3 - Now It's time to create a Brand. For Branding, I design stunning and eye-catching LOGO and always provide brand guidelines that help my client to control their Brand.

The guidelines are usually presented in a book format that covers how your brand works and how the different elements of your brand work together to form your brand identity. Brand guidelines should really be used as a tool to keep your brand consistent.

  • In Branding I freeze -
  • 1. A brand icon (Logo)
  • 2. Brand Colors
  • 3. Brand Typography
  • 4. Brand Styling
  • 'A complete brand Language!'

Before start UI designing I need Brand guidelines, either I create or my client provides. Brand guidelines should really be used as a tool to keep your brand consistent. Whether your business is large or small, brand guidelines are critical to helping your brand to work effectively. Without these guidelines, your brand’s message can change at any point just because a logo was used improperly or because someone didn’t know to use the wordmark instead of a graphic element.

As per brand guidelines and prototypes (Wireframes), I design UIs. I use Photoshop or SketchApp and give the demos to my client using a highly interactive tool called - InvisionApp. In Invision app I successfully did usability testing debunked UX problems before start development.